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22 Jul 2010

Bon voyage

So Tomasz set off from Chessington World of Adventure the other day (cheated the first bit by using a train, we'll let him off [wink]), and his long voyage.

He is presently at Mayenne (Pays de la Loire), between Rennes and Le Mans-- tomorrow will be cycling 130 miles to Chartres: Assuming a speed of 15mph, that should take The Schaf around seven-and-half hours-- what a man! Incidentally Mayenne is 187 miles from Paris.

Today's ride took him from St Malo to Mayenne, around 85 miles {i}. His luggage came by lorry to his hotel, I reckon Tomasz got there before it did [haha]. Despite a couple of days of cycling, he's still looking un beau mec...

Thankfully His Loveliness did get a rest between Portsmouth and St Malo courtesy of the ferry, not even Tomasz can cycle on water-- although the sun is clearly shining on the righteous.

As for this photo of Tomasz coming of the ferry... all lyrca, stubble and heat-melting grin. Ce dĂ©montre que vous ĂȘtes bien foutu, Tomasz!


PS: Tomasz was reading Metro on his train journey, and guess what was advertised for next year...

{i} All mileage estimates from AA Route Planner

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