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20 Jul 2010

A bit of late-night Willy

Tomasz was on Janice Long's wonderful Radio 2 show later than he normally is. This because Janice had a lengthy interview with playwright Will Russell, of Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine fame. How dare one the best, funniest and brightest writers this country has, delay our Tomasz? I ask you! {i}

No hostility from The Schaf though, more a hundred-day sleep than hundred-day war. I'm reliable informed that Tomasz hasn't been on Janice's programme for around four months now! Tomasz likened his absence from Madame Longue, to Snow White-- well he is our handsome after all. Although I've never had a snog from him, to wake me up... now there's a dream.

Firstly Janice asked what I thought was a bit of personal question: "Anything exciting coming up", but of course she was hinting at the London-Paris bikeride. Tomasz is getting for this as we speak, his platter of supplies...

I notice there's no clean underwear there, that perhaps explains the anti-diaorrhea tablets (the blue Boots box, centre left). I'm curious as to what all that gel is for too, perhaps to stop chafing. Any volunteers to rub it in? Tomasz has been preparing himself of course, here's a photo showing how fit he is.

Back to Janice Long, who was also observing that men often take their style from the music idols of the day. In adorably quirky Schafernaker-fashion, he revealed that bought himself glasses, as worn by Annie Lennox {ii} and somebody from Roxette {iii} circa 1990. I bet Tomasz looks stunning in glasses... they don't have that effect on me, they make look even less becoming.

Sadly I couldn't find those singers sporting said spectacles, however just for Tomasz Annie Lennox's greatest hit (oxymoronic title considering this blog!) and some Roxette. As John Shuttleworth would say: "Very emotional these songs, get your lighters out and punch the air!"

And a live performance from Annie Lennox, not just the monsters that are crazy Annie [chuckle]

{i} Only messing Willy, if you're reading... I read Educating for AS-level Eng Lit, best play I've ever read. So good, they made it into a film-- starring Julia Walters and Michael Caine: Quite few a people know that of course... Part 1 here, and you can even do more than blow the bloody doors off, by watching the whole lot thence on Youtube...

{ii} She's gone quiet on the music front
{iii} They've all gone quiet


  1. Good evening all,

    I completely agree that Educating Rita is one of the best modern plays out there. A must read/see for sure [and because there are only ever 2 characters in the book, it's easy to follow]. I did it for A Level too...had to compare it with Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. One book was torture, the other was a joy to read.

    As for Tomasz, I wish him all the luck in the world, an enjoyable journey, as well as a safe ride.

    Best Wishes :-)

  2. Good evening Dixon of Dock Green ;-)

    I also watched the film for Educating Rita at AS-Level. It remains commenably loyal to the play: However the big difference is that other characters physically feature in the film, who only get mentioned by Frank or Rita in the play.

    I shall be posting about Tomasz's journey in a tick...