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19 Jul 2010

Isn't it ironic?

First off Tomasz is on the overnigth shift this evening, so can we hope for an appearance on Janice Long at around 00:40-00:50? Fingers crossed.

We are blessed! Terratec has very kindly given us a double-bill of Tomasz, plus another forecast-- and the Weather For The Week Ahead {i}. Eyeballs and eardrums at the ready! First he makes a cheeky quip about an airshow. Although I'm intrigued by Tomasz's "mini-scorcher"...

Here we have Tomasz enthusing about "spatial areas", as his suit struggles to contain his amazing biceps

So now for the biggy, the five-day forecast.

Tomasz made an unfortunate slip-up there, mistaking Wales for Scotland. Well I say unfortunate, it's disgraceful.

Yet another outrageous and hateful slur on Scotland, even though he apologised straight away and made 'light' of such a grave error; it's still indicative of his London/English-centric attitude, as only a person from Gdansk in Poland can muster.

In fact such a blunder is a good reason for lowering the Licence Fee, he should be sacked straight away. If he didn't spend so much time corresponding with his many adoring fans and doing charity bike rides and helping a young lady achieve her dream (confe previous post)-- he wouldn't make so many grotesque blunders.

It's bad enough when he takes himself too seriously with his diva strops; all his self-depreciating and jokey banter with Simon, smiling and giggling at his own slip-ups. Being too good-looking, warm and having a secure personality-- what sort of example does he set? Telegenic people like Tomasz shouldn't be allowed on television: It's unacceptable people who are charismatic, talented and intelligent-- who happen to be very handsome-- should be broadcasting on telly.

Nor on radio. I heard him being ever-so-slightly 'camp' on Radio 4, I was so sickened I scraped my car along a wall at speed and hit a cat. I'm sending the BBC the bill, and they can ruddy well pay for the damage and the vetinary bills.

Almost as bad as when Tomasz posed in "skimpy" shorts, showing off-- just as he would be dressed if he went swimming. I was so outraged, I felt like writing to the Daily Mail for them to make a non-story about. It's not like there are more important things in the world: Genocidial regimes, parliamentary debates at Westminister, Orwellian acitivites at the EU, humanitarian crises or natural disasters; or possibly nice things that people have done, to restore one's faith in human nature.

In fact I'm so jealous of Tomasz, I may have to go onto one of those internet forums to slag him off, to boost my flagging ego... or to show what a great sense of humour I have, to point out when Tomasz is taking himself seriously during some banter, even though he's being ironic [wink]

{i} No Country Tracks, Politics Show instead… like the honeycomb tie though


  1. Howdy.
    Oops, it's the wrong embed code for the 5 day forecast :)

  2. Well spotted! Thanks. Just changed it.

  3. If you're going off Tomasz then we'll understand if you stop doing the blog. Tomasz will be like Amy Winehouse in a few months. Is there a Swiftian triple irony going on here RM?? Hmmmmmmmmm? ;-)

    Haha...great blog post [again]!

    The Schaf has been eating a lot of spinach for his bike ride, (or the dry cleaners have shrunk his suit...perhaps deliberate!)

    Nobody uses language like Tomasz - the first forecast using 'bless-ed', with an acute second syllable - Hopkinsean sprung rhythm indeed. Great comic relief too at the start with that airshow quip.

  4. I? Go off Tomasz? Perish the thought... wash your mouth out young Matt [chuckle]. I'm Chief Schaffanatic through-and-through :-)

    I think Tomasz just fills out his cycling costume nicely. I lost ten minutes staring at that latest picture. I'm sure I'll find a flimsy excuse to reproduce it (as if I need an excuse!)

    Hopkinsean indeed... he's gone quiet hasn't he?

    No doubt some precious person will be offended at the RAF quip, and say "he comes across as a right [insert vile expletive]". Like to see them to do such a long bike-ride!