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30 Jul 2010

Melting Moscow

Tomasz warned us of hot and sticky nights down south to come over the next few days. No he hasn't done another photo-shoot, but instead was referring to conditions pertaining to nocturnal muggy air in the southerly portions of the UK.

Still things are not as 'bad' (depending on your view) as Moscow, where temperatures have reached 38C, a record for Russia {i}. I thought was an interesting aside, thanks to Tomasz for sharing that with us.

The Schaf also mentioned there was a jazz festival near Edinburgh-- hmmm-- nice! Not as nice and jazzy as His Loveliness's striped and pink tie. Cowes Week starts soon too: I would have thought all those rich nautical types, would be able to afford crafts with engines.

"Pootling along" on News At One-- something Corbett-esque about that! I rather like Kirsty's (a valued regular reader)comment that Tomasz is the foremost Dan Corbett impersonator about. I suppose he gets to observe Dan formulating his "three-legged octopus" narration firsthand.

Meanwhile at 11:55, His Loveliness explain there would be sunshine for some of us-- always sunshine with Tomasz about-- especially when he slides from west to east. Some consolation for the Manx today.

Thanks to Terratec for uploading the video

{i} I blame Putin


  1. You conjure up an image of Dan sitting at a desk pencil and paper in hand, concentrating hard on creating new ~isms, Schaf sitting nearby gazing on in admiration ;-)

  2. That's probably not so far off the truth! I notice Dan sneaked in a "trouble-maker" for Country Tracks this week.