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29 Jul 2010

Stutter rap

That Kate Silverton has a lot to answer to... passing on the infection of lapsus linguae to Tomasz today, as he amusingly tripped over his words on News At One-- Kate did apologise for passing the affliction on!

No doubt the green-eyed monsters on those internet forums will start to snipe about Tomasz making "yet another mistake"; what with Tomasz being human, having no Autocue and routinely doing live broadcasts. Those without selective memories would recall other weather (or other live) presenters occasionally slip up too. I think Tomasz's gaffes are remembered because of the humorously self-effacing way he deals with them; shame some people can't see the frivolity and fun in life, and have to automatically reach for the vinegar.

Especially as Tomasz's increasing use of semophoric hand-gestures and dramatic intonation makes the weather charts animate even more. "Splodges" a new edition to the vernacular, also a Corbett-esque turn of phrase about "umbrellas"; plus a hint of Dom Littlewood (of One Show fame) with "ere's yer warm front, ere's yer cold front". Nice layer of stubble once more {i}

Some mega-praise for Tomasz: When he talked of Trent Bridge, he didn't say it is "in Nottingham", unlike his some of his erroneous BBC colleagues have done. Said cricket ground is in the town West Bridgford-- which is not part of the City of Nottingham. Indeed the cricket ground and West Bridgford is the Borough of Rushcliffe (indeed the council's HQ is across the road from thw ground!); although separate from Nottingham, it is in Nottinghamshire.

Then again we can't expect these London media-types to know about geography beyond the listening-posts of Milton Keynes [wink]: They still think Cleveland exists, Yorkshire is one county, don't realise Wales has 22 counties for geographic reference and they probably get a nose-bleed when they travel outside confines of the M25 [wink#2]

And they probably think that the East Midlands is practically Birmingham {ii}. So I'm pleased to see The Schaf is above such things... and he even manages to be nicer to look at/listen to than Stuart Broad, now there's something.


{i} I'm sure he grows it, just to frustrate/excite the likes of me during daily worship [LOL]
{ii} A gold star for anybody who can get a native Londoner to do a East Midlands accent, without sounding like a Brummy


  1. Definite plagiarism there. Not only the umbrella comment, but the 'walk in the park' immediately after.
    Pinching the Dan-isms is understandable; he's got to get some practice in somehow if he wants to remain Britain's best Daniel Corbett impersonator.

  2. Ah yes, I forgot about that "walk in the park" bit. When he starts to talk about "finishing numbers", we know the game is up. He talked about weather systems "pootling" today, very Corbett-esque.