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24 Sep 2010

The ever-sunny Tomasz

I clearly spoke too soon yesterday, about the bromance. I managed to escape work for a five minutes at 10:25, to watch The Schaf on the News Channel. Simon McCoy proclaimed: "Now the weather, with the ever-sunny Tomasz Schafernaker". Tomasz was a little bemused by that, but replied:
"I don't how to answer that; the ever-bright Simon McCoy, I suppose. Nothing sunny about the weather though..."

He's a little tinker that McCoy fellow, trying to bait Tomasz-- I sensed some tension-- even bromances don't run smoothly eh? Luckily Simone did afford His Loveliness the correct respect earlier in the day.

Tomasz appears to have had a haircut, it looks wonderful! Nicely styled if I may say so, I just love his hair-colour. Perks me up even more than a stark northerly breeze from across Norskehavet (alright then, the North Sea)

Thanks to Terratec, for the video upload.

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