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26 Sep 2010

Swelling for Dogger

Another treat for all you (would-be) mariners out there, as Tomasz was back on Radio 4 with The Shipping Forecast. Isn't there something soothing and re-assuring about The Schaf's voice? It has a magically and euphorically hyponotic quality for me; he could read the phonebook, and I'd be all ears.

Fast-foward to 1:20, in the next few days

On Radio 2, there have been adverts for the return of Weekend Wogan next Sunday; as Sir Terrence of Wogan reminds us, it's Children In Need {i} in a few weeks. I was thinking that we could petition Tomasz to a 2011 calendar, it would make a fortune for CIN! Perhaps we can suggest it on his Fbk page.

I don't know about you, but I'd like to have Tomasz against my bedroom wall in a different position twelve times a year.

Although if His Loveliness did have a foray into the world of modelling, he ought to watch himself... some strange characters haunt that scene....

{i} For the unintiated: It's an annual BBC telethon, usually the second Friday of November, been running since 1980. Terry Wogan has hosted it every time. The programme raises funds for disadvantaged children both in the UK and elsewhere.

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