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20 Sep 2010

The good ship Tomasz

Tomasz was busy beaming across the airwaves on Saturday. He treated us to his warm tones on Radio 4, with the Shipping Forecast. Fast-foward to a minute in.

Not only that, but he supplied forecasts for Radio 2 and local radio. Was Tomasz on your local BBC radio station (say BBC Devon/Devil)? Any amusing banter? Thank you to my kind Canadian correspondent, who informs me that he was on BBC World too-- The Schaf appears to gathering quite a following in Canada. Rightly so, since it's such a wonderful country...

Some sadder news though. It's been four months since the Petal video (click here for a reminder), yet people are still giving Tomasz (and Simone) grief for it!

The criticism is that Tomasz is taking himself serious, being queeny and "needs to get over himself" (Simon is also criticised for initiating the banter). Simon was just being daft calling Tomasz petal, Tomasz clearly took it as meant; he laughed and was grinning, when he being 'precious'.

To me Tomasz was being facetious and ironic in his 'outrage', perhaps the chips on some people's shoulders obscure their vision/hearing? Or they just want to take a swipe at Tomasz, because he's so well-liked? Or perhaps we've become so politically-correct as a nation, 'we' can't (or refuse to) recognise the humour in such things; sadly preferring to indignantly take offence, or be righteous, instead?

Surely I can't be the only one to see it the petal thing was a joke and just badinage? I am right in thinking these critics are the ones that need to "get over themselves" and lighten up?...

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