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16 Sep 2010

Stunning stubble

Not so much Tomasz today; as you may have heard, the UK is receiving a papal visit. No doubt he'll be preaching against alternative sexualities, ironic considering he wears a dress most of the time. I love the Popemobile, he's encased in six inches of bullet-proof glass-- there's faith for you.

Anway enough His Holy Farter {i}, we're here to worship Tomasz. I notice His Loveliness has been cultivating an impressive layer of stubble over the past couple of days, very prominent today-- it must be like the sweetest sandpaper. Certainly looked a treat on the telly at work...

Thanks to Terratec for that^

Also thanks to a very eagle-eyed reader, who sent me this newspaper article from Die Welt (Germany's foremost newspaper). A very youthful-looking Tomasz, and plumper (I don't mean that a nasty way, Tomasz). I don't know about you, but I think he's got loads better with age, I love his more chiselled looks these days!

Here we go... Tomasz and his "Stinkefinger"

I hope Tomasz isn't too embarrased by that photo! I think he's even nicer now...

{i} Copyright Officer Crabtree


  1. That's a very tasty photo of Tomasz on the link you metioned.

  2. The Schaf was on TV last Saturday evening to early Sunday morning presenting for BBC world weather (Canadian Eastern Standard Time).

    The stubble was gone and he didn't even look tanned! I am quite surprised actually considering his Loveliness just returned from holiday in Dubai.

    He ended his forecast with his trademark smile warning people in Taiwan to take cover due to the arrival of typhoon Fanapi.

    Welcome back Tomasz. :-)

  3. Hello there,

    Thanks for heads-up! Sadly my spies didn't capture that appearance by Tomasz, although I suspect he would be on BBC World (given it was an 'overnight' shift).

    I personally haven't got the equipment for recording and editing his broadcasts, so I'm reliant on the kindness of others.

    Shame the stubble had disappear (it was turning into a beard), and his tan has faded quick! Although he's naturally (and wonderfully) fair-skinned... sooo gorgeous.

    Some sad news though, peopleare still giving him grief for the Petal incident on Youtube. That's a rant for my next post.

    Least Tomasz is still smiling!

    Ta once again.