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15 Sep 2010

By jove!

I'm always perked up by northerly winds, but Tomasz did so even more with his 10:56 forecast. He opened it with a groovy bit of 1970s disco-dancing, to highlight his summary caption. I think his pink tie brings out the flamboyance in The Schaf, with his talk of "collllllllld air".

Interestingly Leeds got several mentions. I'm sure they'll be pleased down The Headrow (or if you're from West Yorksire, "Theddraw").

I'm told by a spy, that Louise Minchin threw Tomasz a curved ball over a story preceding Tomasz's weather forecast-- which gave The Schaf a hearty chortle. Anybody got any more details on this? I believe L Minch said: "Here's Tomasz with the weather, and it's getting colder now, isn't it?". Tomasz's reply was: "Yes it's September, that's what usually happens".

Finally, many thanks for the supportive comments on my dream (both literal and metaphorical) of getting Ken Dodd a Christmas #1 with Happiness. For all you fans of Doddy, a medley for you...


  1. Is this The Schaf??? He's looking very young in this.....

  2. Gruess Gott!

    Excellent find! He certainly does look younger, but looks a lot better now I say-- chiselled looks suit him.

    I'll post it on the blog today, see of we get any telling Anon comments.