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14 Sep 2010

What's in a name?

An amusing forecast from His Loveliness, as he was introduced via caption as "Presenter Name" on the 13:56 bulletin. The tanfastic Tomasz had to introduce himself in his typically charming manner...

I think yesterday I may have tempted Tomasz into a minor slip-up today, since he confused a certain nation with Wales... ooh they'll be getting the wicker-man out again [haha]. At least we got *the smile* at the end.

Speaking of The Divine One's name, he gets a special mention in Viz this month (out in the shop in the next few days). Of course it would be overly pedantic to point out that Tomasz's surname is Austrian, rather than Polish-- so I won't.

This again raises the question of what Schafnernaker means? Given it's not a standard German-language word, it's Austrian in the sense of Austrian dialect. Schaf(e) is German for sheep, and Schäfer is shepherd-- but what of "naker"? I know "nack" is naked in standard German-- so perhaps 'sheep-nakeder'-- that is sheep-shearer?

Answers on a postcard. Or via the comments section below, will suffice.

Danke schön

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