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13 Sep 2010

Tomasz of Arabia

I'm pleased to say a tanned Tomasz has returned from his travels, shocked a little by the dipping temperatures of the last few days of summer here {i}. At least Simone didn't give him a hard time this morning...

Blustery was the watch-word of the day, with Tomasz tantalising flex his biceps to demonstrate gusty winds. Although his graphics let him down on News At One, unfortunately when he was about to talk about his favourite nation of the British Islands... perhaps it's a London-centric BBC conspiracy [wink]?

Back to the clip above, Tomasz cutely asks why we need him! Well duh... he's funny, gorgeous, entertaining, charismatic, educational and an all round great guy-- that's for starters. Sadly though, there are some people who vehemently disagree. To such an extent, this 'gentleman' has dedicated three Youtube videos, on why Tomasz should get sacked-- here's one of them-- so bad it's good...

Yes, you heard it right! He's made four or five gaffes-- ye gods! Out of all the hundreds of flawless weather forecasts he's done over the years, many of which are viewable on this site. Does he mess up anymore than his colleagues do? I don't think so: It's just that when The Schaf does mess up, he does it with style!

And that's the point: If Tomasz were a brain-surgeon, worked in a nuclear reactor or air-traffic-control-- I may understand the grave concern. What harm do Tomasz's occasional slip-ups do, he still gives us the weather forecast (even with the giggles). He gives us a laugh, as the overwhelming supportive comments on his blog/Facebook/Twitter show regarding the middle-finger incident-- despite his gaffes he won a TRIC award this year.

Perhaps that's the issue, that Tomasz's success breeds jealously and selective amnesia in the insecure, and they want everyone to be as dull and humourless as they are. Or maybe Mr Fericitchannel has just had a loss of perspective...

In the world we have humanitarian crises, dubious political regimes, social injustices, maltreatment of animals, environmental problems and so on. Yet our high-minded Youtube friend is getting exercised about a harmless and lovely weatherman who infrequently makes the occasional silly, but inconsequential, mistake (as we all do)-- who gives many people pleasure {ii}

Now this month marks the first anniversary blog. So as a nice 1st brithday present to Tomasz, perhaps my wonderful band of loyal band of Schaffanatics could leave some helpful comments on the offending video... it will also explain to Tomasz why we adore him and need him.

{i} In terms of meteorology, autumn starts on the September the 1st for statistical neatness. Astronomically it starts on September 23rd-- so know you know.
{ii} In so many ways!


  1. *H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y blog! Well done RM for keeping us so informed on all that is Schaffernatik! What a year it has been.

    I did watch half of that video before it suddenly was deleted off of Youtube for 'breach of use'...hmmm. Enough said really. What I did hear was utter balls though. Would like to see the persona in that video do a better job than Tomasz, given all the facts I found out at the BBC a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm...I wonder who would do a better job? Tomasz (weather pres of yr 09) or 'Ferit-tit-channel'.

    Good to have Tom back!

  2. I only found one TS video on his channel - and it was a different one from the one you embedded. Took me about 10 minutes to scroll down his 600+ videos to find it, mind. And I thought I had too much spare time on my hands...

    I liked his behaviour policy: "First gaffe, let him off with a warning; second gaffe, disciplined; third gaffe, get the sack."
    Whatever happened to the naughty step? ;-)

    Ey up, went back to watch it again and his account has been suspended.

  3. Hurrah - he's back. But is it just me or has Tomasz been tucking into rather a lot of his mother's home-cooking while back visiting the relatives???

  4. @Matt
    Why thank you squire! What a shame those videos were removed eh, nobody gets the better of The Schaf

    The irony is, it took him thre attempts to get that video right-- and his criticising Tomasz for his gaffes!

    Well if Tomasz is naughty, he should have his legs slapped. If that doesn't suffice, then he needs to be spanked.

    I'm glad he's back too. I didn't notice if he put weight on, or not... still looks beautiful as ever to me! Not sure if his parents live here or in Poland now? If he did have too much home-cooking, I'm sure riding camels helped burn it off!