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1 Sep 2010

Ucieczka do Polski

Przepraszam for not updating the blog recently. Over Bank Holiday Monday I was busy: I mounted The Wrekin, went along Wenlock Edge, took myself up the Long Mynd via Brown Clee and finished up circumnavigating The Stiperstones. None of which are euphemisms, rather various peaks in the Shropshire Hills.

Anyway enough of my drivel, Tomasz last appearance was on the News Channel over the weekend. After that, The Schaf has returned to his hometown. However upon Tomasz's journey, there was a sign! I'm not sure what it's a sign for though. I'll let the good man himself explain...

Had a slightly scary landing at GdaƄsk Airport. A few mins before landing, I think the aircraft was 'struck' by lightning. Sitting by the window overlooking the wing, saw bright zigzag lightning bolt flicker through the wing and past the engine-- almost past my face!

That close I kid you not! Never seen anything like it and yet I've landed in storms in Miami. I know planes should cope.Landed safely in downpour and spectacular regular lightning

Well I'm glad he's safe and well, and has arrived safely. Hope he enjoys his time there.


Another dicey situation for Tomasz:
[I am] enjoying my time in thundery Poland...went for a walk with friends and, apparently, nearly got ambushed by wild boar! LOL hilarious.

Some photos from Gdansk, courtesy of the His Loveliness...

Let's hope he has a safer time in Paris next week!


  1. Well, if he's on his Hols its a pretty safe bet he won't be on Country Tracks this weekend.

    And if he's in Paris next week its doubtful he'll be around for the Strictly launch show so looks like it will have to be next year then.

    Probably just as well, I'm not too sure the public would necessarily go for two BBC News Channel peeps on the trot.


  2. Ah yes... thanks for that TzukeNut. I'd forgotten Strictly was that close. Fair point about BBC News Channel people, although they've had an EE person on most times (or have they?)

    Ah well, we'll just have to hope for a calendar instead! Who needs twelve months of Biffa Cole/Tweed, when you can have Tomasz smouldering. Zac Efferon, eat your eyes out.