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27 Aug 2010

Splashing out

Many thanks to my regular reader Dom, for uploading this from yesterday. Tomasz gives a vivid description of rain showers across The Solent. Of course being The Schaf, it takes on a whole new meaning, especially with the Max Headroom edit {i}

Coming and splashing as a result of Tomasz's arm movements and thrusting. I don't need to say anymore really, do I? Bardzo erotyczny.

Tomasz emerged from going south [...] to talk about weather elsewhere. Certainly it has been a beautiful day here in Notts, bright blue sky most the day and a fresh breeze-- lovely-- not a shower to be had. Although Tomasz was keen to impress that the mud wasn't going anywhere, nice hand gesture for that... not as good as his the stars are coming out out gesture. Gentle soothing voice at the end....

Thanks to Terratec^

At the end of the News At One, it was Jane Hill that reminded Tomasz he had finished on "a positive note", said with a knowing smile-- at which Tomasz laughed. Could that be an oblique reference to yesterday's blog?

{i} He's gone quiet as well.

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