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26 Aug 2010

Staying damp

Tomasz was back on telly today, and his caption said: "Staying damp", perhaps appropriate for many a devoted Schaffanatic. Or at least that's what it ought to have said...

I can only imagine Tomasz's caption writer is so excited by Tomasz's chuckle at the beginning, (s)he had a case of sausage fingers.

At the end of the News At One forecast, Tomasz wanted to "end on a positive note". His mere presence is a positive note of course, especially when he talks of showers "flirting" with us us, or the rain "coming and coming and splashing". And is it me, or does his suit struggle to contain his biceps these days?

Meanwhile Alex Deakin answered an oft-posed question, why do weather presenters wear casuals for Countryfile and Country Tracks? According to Deaks, is "to be down with farmers"! It appears that Janice {i} appreciated Alex's black jeans too. Of course when Tomasz wears jeans, a whole swathe of discerning gentlemen appreciate it-- some of which may be farmers.


Alex Deakin then informed us that his intials are ARD. I'll leave you to make your own jokes. Meanwhile will Tomasz make an appearance on Country Tracks?

Finally it's not just our Tomasz not has on-air mishaps on BBC News, Louise Minchin got all in a fluster over a.... dropped pen.

Thanks to Terratec and Toptellyfan for the uploads

{i} Not a farmer, as far as I'm aware.

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