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24 Aug 2010

Up all night

I had interesting tip-off today. I found out that Tomasz also appeared on Radio Five Live's Up All Night. Presenter Dotun Adebayo teased Tomasz: The weather followed the newspaper review, and Dotun commented that he couldn't find anything about Tomasz in that day's paper!

I like the thought of Tomasz having his wrists slapped, and anything else he wants. I'm sure he's always been a very "good boy" in many a person's eyes.

Here is on Moday morning as well...
Fast-foward to 03:27:42

Well he has the power to keep me up all night. Er well.. his forecasts are always entertaining, aren't they? Yes.

Meanwhile Tomasz is concerned about the strong winds today, on Twitter he expressed concern that it is ripping banana tree to bits. Oh dear... although I don't think Tomasz has anything to worry about in the banana department. Perhaps he was tempting fate on Janice Long, talking about glorious weather in SE England.

Up my way it was a beautiful day! By jove, sound like Ken Dodd then. Speaking of which I had a weird dream about him the other night: Since Simon Cowell is so determined to get a Christmas Number 1 this year, people set up a Facebook group to thwart him-- by re-releasing Ken Dodd's Happiness-- and it worked! Wouldn't it be great if it came true, a truly festive and jolly song for Christmas instead of Cowell-oke dirge {i}

As much as I like Doddy, dreams about Tomasz are so much sweeter. Two 'campaigns' are afoot on Tomasz's Facebook page. A minor one to get Tomasz to do a calendar... they better make it wipe-clean though; well I don't want to spoil it, by spilling tea on it.

A more popular suggestion, is to get Tomasz to be on Strictly Come Dancing this year. I'd be flat out on this blog, if he did that-- and I don't know the first thing about dancing. It would be great to see Tomasz gyrate in spandex. Not sure if the BBC's wooly mammoth of light-entertainment, Bruce Forsyth, would appreciate that though.

Fast-foward to 5:10, to see how Tomasz can throw some shapes...

He knows all the right mmoves. He's just so [wanders off for a lie down]

{i} Go on, since you asked....

After The Beatles and Rolling Stones, he was the biggest-selling singer of the 1960s! It would be great to get him in the charts... and annoy Simon Cowell too.

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