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23 Aug 2010

A Long chat

Radio 2 fans were blessed last night, as His Loveliness had a lengthy chat with the wonderful Janice Long. It was proof, if any were needed, that Tomasz is not a "diva", but actually down-to-earth and modest.

A very comprehensive six minute chat. First he and Janice shared their humorous outrage at London cinema prices, Tomasz lamenting that a couple can easily spend £50 in one sitting, if one includes popcorn and drinks. "London has always been a rip-off, what can you do", as The Schaf commented.

The Tomasz's voice went strange, almost as if he'd been entered by Frankie Howerd (so to speak), which triggered giggles in him. Luckily he composed himself, before warning us of "Noah's Ark weather" to come-- a new one for The Schaf vernacular! What I want to know is, why did Noah let those two wasps on that ark? He also said it would be "a kaleidoscope of weather", and the rain could block the gutters-- that's my blog washed away then [haha]

Tomasz then commented that despite August, this summer (and late spring) had been very warm and dry; but was gracious enough to admit that was mostly south-east England, "us down here" as he wryly put it. To be fair in Notts we had a scorching April-July, and we had little (although I live in a rain-shadow area anyway).

Then Janice then asked Tomasz if he had badge for jumping into a swimming pool, to 'save' some one for a life-savers badge. He needn't worry about the trousers if he had to rescue me, the sight of that would make me recover pretty darn quick!

The Divine One then explained he was most proud of the medal he obtained for riding from London to Paris-- rightly so-- incredible achievement for charity. He modestly chuckled he was more proud of that than his degree!

You can listen to the full interview here, available for the next six days:
Fast foward to 1:14:23

Have a listen, you know you want to...

Message to Tomasz: When you were doing the World News, your smile when mentioning locales in Canada, was much appreciated by your Canadian following! They have good taste there... although we already know that [thumbs up]

Finally the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph ought to correct there websites. Tomasz's quote was: "Gallery over to you", not "Gary over to you". Always helpful to get the facts right, if you're going to a character-assassination [wink]

Speaking of which, I've just recalled this classic from Jo Malin, formerly of Central News West. She was out in Trentham Gardens with Bob Warman (yes he's still going), when she meant to say "pouring with rain"... except she didn't...

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