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22 Aug 2010

Ahoy Tomasz

The Schaf undertook that great BBC Radio 4 institution this morning, the Shipping Forecast. It is pure poetry at the best of times {i}, but Tomasz's soothing voice, it takes on a whole different dimension. He's even gorgeous on the wireless too-- they do say the best pictures are on the radio.

Here he is, six days left to listen. Fast-foward to 01:06. I'm sure Tomasz is an expert in rising, backing and swelling-- as well as commanding the attention of sea men. I certainly "fall" for him, listening to him.

So no Tomasz today on Country Tracks, that honour fell to the endearing "wee" Matt Taylor. I know he has his fans out there; so since his fanblog has been discontinued, a treat...

This evening it was the dashing Alex Deakin for Countryfile, looking trim in his casuals-- giving some competition to Tomasz in the jeans department too! Here he is dishy Deakin this week, a slip-up with "Tuesday's chart"-- see it's not just Tomasz!

Of course not even the resplendent Alex (or Matt) can compare to Tomasz, who is naturally in a league of his own. God-like almost...

Will The Divine One made a long-overdue appearance with Janice Long in the early hours of tomorrow-- I hope so!

Many thanks to Terratec for the uploads. I love the way so many people are still flocking to Tomasz's support on Facebook, rightly so! He's a truly amazing person

{i} Even the name Dogger Bank. That sort of thing doesn't go on in
Radcliffe-on-Trent HSBC, I can tell you.

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