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21 Aug 2010

Staying out of trouble

A nice message from The Divine One on Facebook today {iii}:

Hi everyone, I'm at the Weather Centre this weekend. A lot of mixed weather coming for us folks here in the UK over the next few days...Monday washout on the way! Have a good rest of the weekend wherever you may be and keep out of trouble...I know I will! ;)

Luckily for Tomasz, he's mostly on radio over the next two days-- so chance of getting into trouble for unfortunate gestures. I'm sure my Canadian readers (and those elsewhere overseas), will be pleased to know The Schaf is on the World News overnight!

As for the rest, the Jet Stream is not where it should be over the UK-- so we're experiencing torrential rain-showers at present! Then again the UK did experience a very dry January-June, so we need the water in some ways.

Yesterday I saw this letter in our publication of the week, Metro:

Tomasz isn't British-born, so we'll let him off [wink] Although you can't beat a good old Anglo-Saxon salute-- Tomasz was too kind to Simone-- he got off lightly with just one finger (so to speak).

Sadly criticism of Tomasz elsewhere hasn't been so jovial {i}. A common dig at Tomasz, is that he supposedly makes more mistakes than other forecasters on the BBC
I've seen all the other forecasters slip up on occasion as well-- perfectly understandable given they have no autocue and it's live television-- and they're human after all.

The difference is that Tomasz endearingly highlights his mistakes, often to humourous effect-- especially since he does brilliant job otherwise. Of course Terratec very kindly uploads one of Tomasz's forecasts each day for this blog, so it's natural we pick the one where Tomasz makes a cute gaffe-- thus it's on Youtbue for all to see (whereas his other colleagues don't get such scrunity!) {ii}

That said there are plenty of days where Tomasz presents flawless broadcasts, thus the majority of clips of Tomasz don't show him making errors. However his insecure and jealous detractors choose to ignore those, to indulge in bitchy schadenfreude--selective memory and all that.

Also I've noticed a few people wiseacres on the net calling him "ditsy", "dumb as fuck" and other things along those lines. I would say he is bubbly, giggly and has the grace to laugh at himself-- he's by no means an airhead. For a start he has a degree in meterology (further studies thence too), something which requires a lot of intelligence. He also speaks two languages fluently (possibly more than two?). He is also a very talented artist, gardener and photographer.

Let's not forget he also has to predict the weather from complex weather charts, and then condense that information into a one-minute broadcast: He does this without dumbing down, but being engaging at the same time. And if you listen to any of his Janice Long chats, he's knowledgeable about other things and has a very quick wit-- plus self-aware too.

So far from being "dumb" or "ditzy" I say. People who call him that, are probably the same towering intellects who think Tomasz having a "strop"/being a "diva" with Simon over the petal comment. So clever in fact, they cannot see Tomasz was being ironic in his response, hence his wry smile and chuckling!

The best are those who say: "Never heard of him". And folk on the Points Of View website, who call him a "bad boy". That's a bit like calling Lorraine Kelly a yobbo! Although as one correspondent on said board points out, "[it's nothing] compared to the Swiss weatherman Joerg Kachelmann who is (or was?) very popular in Germany. He's been charged of rape and awaits a trial next month". One way of looking at things I suppose.

And we have the people who say he's always attention/publicity seeking-- as if his gaffes are deliberate. This middle-finger thing was an accident FFS. Anyway he is on telly, and the point of being a TV presenter is that you are watched (or in thr case of radio, listened to)-- duh. To Tired x3 who criticises him (on his own blog) for having an agent, why shouldn't he-- or use it to futher his fame? He's popular, get over it. Besides other BBC news presenters have other gigs beyond the news, Fiona Bruce does Anitques Roadshaw for instance. Carol Kirkwood does stints on The One Show

They may have a case with Attitude, but he's not different to any other person who has posed for them. If Attitude is willing to pay for him to tell us about his fitness regime, and he's willing to get his clothes off and get paid for it-- then why not?

Then again when insecure/jealous people (or Daily Mail types) observe somebody as gorgeous, popular and clever as Tomasz; I suppose the natural reaction is to hit out at him, makes them feel better I guess. Sad really. I say Tomasz is a force of good in the world, try venting your anger on people who are actually excreable.

As for those seven people who complained to the BBC about that incident, they'll get their fearsome come-uppance I'm sure [wink]

As the wonderful Ian Hyland says: "There's no stopping Tomasz now!". Look out the window to see the weather? I'd rather look at Tomasz. I can't think why he's got a large gay following though [wink]

{i} Especially on one message board, which obliquely insulted this very blog. I like to think Tomasz's gesture was aimed at them aswell.
{ii} To be fair some of the bloopers aren't his fault
{iii} Still great to see those messages of support on Fbk for him-- good on you!

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