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19 Aug 2010

Murphy's Law

Tomasz was back on telly today, making me question my mental health: When he was talking about pumping and humdity, I got rather too excited. Then again Tomasz saying just about anything has that effect on me, especially when he's got something pulsing in my direction...

Don't worry we knew what you meant with your "ridge" Tomasz. It's a good job Tomasz didn't start talking about googlies, when it came to cricket (The Oval). I'm not interested in the game, although I wouldn't mind a toss at Stuart Broad's middle-stump. That's cricket terminology. Apparently.

Meanwhile in our favourite rag's letters page:

I had worried that the Angry of Mayfair brigade may have kicked off, but thankfully His Loveliness has just stolen more hearts (well perhaps not north of Argyll & Bute), and rightly so.

Quoth the good man himself at Twitter: "I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow after a week of Murphy's Law". Hope you have a good'un Tomasz, see you... well hear you... back on the radio for the weekend. A Janice Long appointment on Monday morning we hope?!

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