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18 Aug 2010

Very silly season

The News At One finished with a story about a stunt pilot, whose plane's wing fell off mid-flight. Thankfully the pilot escaped via parachute, and unharmed. "A lucky man" commented Sophie Raworth, before handing over to Tomasz! {iv}

Lucky indeed... I'm pleased he was back today and phlegmatic as ever. I'm also so heartened to see so many people posting so many supportive and forgiving posts on his Facebook profile, Twitter and elsewhere (including mardy papers' websites). Thankfully any Angry Of Mayfair comments have been extremely rare... if anything it's boosted his popularity! {iii}

I extend a big thanks to readers of this blog, who have rallied round Tomasz to give him supportive words on said outlets. Thumbs up to all of you.

Also it appears that his the story has gone worldwide-- you can tell it's silly-season! To be fair Tomasz, he does get global exposure: Metaphorically on the BBC World News and literally with numerous repostings of his Attitude shoot on the world-wide web! I know from the stats I get for this blog, I have traffic from all over the world; not just the UK, Poland and Canada. I think the incident will seal his status as international legend-- rightly so.

Sadly some people aren't impressed, are rather keen to shit-stir. Worst offender in my view, was today's Metro: "The outlook for this weatherman is bleak", with picture caption stating: "Mr Schafernaker can expect a frosty recpetion at work today". Laugh, I almost did.

This article is so crap it's good...

Below that was outrage about clothes GMTV presenters wear. Ye gods. Tomasz accidentally swearing on-air, an outrageous affront; Third World daily death-toll a mere statistic, it would appear.

Amusingly the BBC has put the video on its own Youtube channel, so perhaps they've finally seen the lighter side of it too {ii}. As I mentioned earlier, he was on the telly today, impeccably behaved... as was friend Simon McCoy. I wonder what he was referring to at the beginning of this [LOL], Murphy's law et al.

I'm sure many a reader wouldn't mind being given a finger by Tomasz. Oof, did I really just type that? 1609 visitors for yesterday, probably the record for my 11 months doing this!

By popular request...

Now that Tomasz is a true global star {i}, I hope my blog can do him justice still! Thanks to Terratec for the video upload, by the way

{i} Well he was mentioned on the Wright Stuff, after all
{ii} It does air Eastenders several times a week!
{iii} Denise Welsh mouthed a four-letter insult, Coleen called someone a "slag" and Lynda Bellingham once said "bollocks"-- all on Loose Women. Those ladies are still on it, as is the show... even with Joan Rivers's best attempt to derail it with her Russell Crowe comment.
{iv} I blame Emma Jesson, with her numerous appearances on TV's Naughiest Blunders. Bye-bye!


  1. Is it really on the BBC news site? His 'muddy shite' is there, but I can't see the 'finger'.

  2. I'm told it's on their Youtube channel, I haven't checked yet

  3. I'm amazed that if it was such an offensive action, why have all the papers and Websites showing the picture of the 'Offending Finger' in action? Surely they are also causing 'offence'?????

  4. Hi Kirsty.
    The video can be found here:
    The finger had been masked out with a cloud.

  5. @Dazza

    Very good point-- typical silly season fare. Sadly appreciation of irony is not a quality readily associated with Daily Wail readers. Perhaps it gives you cancer or something.

    Laura Tobin is now Laura Brown-- got married last week! That'll upset those 'other' male viewers of BBC weather [wink]

  6. The Schaf is on BBC World News looking handsome and sharp as ever tonight. He wore the same tie as he did when presenting for the UK viewers last Wednesday (Aug 18, 2010) :-)

    On weekends, the world weather forecast is normally short (about 1 minute or so).

    Who can resist not to pay attention to the world weather forecast and Tomasz while he always puts on the infamous cheeky smile
    and his slogan "More world city forecast details online.... where the weather is always on" towards the end of the broadcast?

    Well done Tomasz... :-)

  7. Hello Anonymous,

    I thought he'd be on BBC World News, glad to see that proved true.

    Shame it's only a minute though, no way to treat Schaffanatics! Who could resist Tomasz and his smile... I'm pleased to say he does more often now I've mentioned it!

    Let's hope he's on Janice Long tonight.

  8. Tomasz looks lovely tonight with a blue tie and dark suit, as usual, when presenting world weather for BBC World News.

    I was hoping that he's wearing casual clothes though. Alas, he looks gorgeous no matter what he wears :-)

    On one occasion, he mentioned the sunny weather for Monday for Vancouver, BC Canada with a smile.

    I am thinking it is a nice gesture that he remembers his Canadian fans :-)

    Thank you Tomasz :-)

  9. I can certainly agree that Tomasz looks gorgeous no matter what he wears! He only wears casuals for Country Tracks and Countryfile (Tomasz was on neither for Sunday, John Craven has a lot to answer for), or BBC Breakfast-- he wasn't on that either alas.

    Tomasz does read the blog (or did do, I hope I haven't scared him off!), so I like to think he makes the effort for his Canadian fans! The smile at BC and Vancouver is surely a sign [grin]

    Although I'm sorry to see Canadians have dropped from second to sixth place in percentage share of visitors! Beaten by Ireland, Italy, German and the *United States*?!

    We can't be having your southern neighbours grabbing all the glory can we now? We all know which is the better country, Tomasz grin smile says it all!