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17 Aug 2010

Hello, good evening and bollo...

For some reason, I got a lot of texts and emails about The Schaf today! In case you're wondering what I'm driving at, a hint...


Granted it certainly wasn't a professional thing to do... yeah and somebody of his calibre ought to know better with his experience of live telly, I can see why people may take issue with this particular incident.

However I did find the incident amusing {ii}, especially in the context of his and Simone's banter. As Tomasz once commented to Jane Hill, there's always banter between him and Simone-- "but no hard feelings". This was clearly an accident, and poor Tomasz looked mortified when the camera cut to him mid-gesture! He did try to valiantly cover his tracks by feigning scratching his chin, alas too late.

Given that Tomasz is a popular presenter (TRIC award, cult following, dozens of visitors daily to my blog), it's inenvitable that a backlash will thence occur-- no doubt aided and abetted with glee by sundry insecure fire-and-brimstone types out there. Especially since Tomasz previous gaffes have been stuff of legend (with or without my help), some shit-stirring journo or green-eyed Angry of Mayfair can easily Google up his pass 'transgression'

I wouldn't condone what he did, but he's not the first (and won't be the last) to something like that. Anthony H Wilson unwittingly had a foul-mouth rant live on Granada Reports, and went to successfully present for BBC NW/Manchester. I can think of three Loose Women presenters who've sworn live on said show, and they continue on the programme-- and LW continues to be a success.

I wonder if the lesser known weather-presenters would have been subjected to this hysteria-- I think they can (and probably do?) get away it more. I do concede he shouldn't get away scot-free with this, but I hope he doesn't get draconinian treatment for it . He looked genuinely mortified when the camera cut to him, it was accident (albeit careless one) and he doesn't make a habit of it on-camera-- he's good at his job otherwise.

Predicatbly the Daily Wail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph and Murdoch outlets are having a field day with his, not like them to let a bit of Beeb-bashing to pass them by. No doubt Dirty "new owner of Five" Desmond will gladly join in tomorrow, if he can find space between all the Diana conspiracy stories (she's still deceased by the way).

And of course the Daily Heil has already had a pathetic pop at Tomasz, when he posed for Attitude one of these stories where an "insider/source" (IE a journo making it up) bitched about him. Added to that, we know how the Daily Hate Mail likes to vindictive about men like Tomasz {i}

It is heartening to see that the comments on the story (on those papers' websites) have been largely forgiving. Isn't it weird how people got on their high horse and denigrated Tomasz for his harmless irony with the Petal incident with Simone, yet are fine with his flicking his middle finger at Simone? Beats me.

I really hope Beeb bosses aren't draconian with him: Last I looked, the incident just garnered just seven complaints with the Beeb-- and an Ofcom spokesman said no complaints had been filed. May I suggest a suitable punishment Beeb bosses? I'll come round and slap his legs. Or he should be forced to the weather naked

Of course there are worse presenters out there...

Tomasz did have some other incident-free broadcasts today, with his talk of "milky sunshine"-- I'm intrigued to know what he means about a "useable day" though? Here he is, in more uncontroversial territory (not sticking his middle finger up to Sc____nd). Mr Fish is Mr Steam eh?


Ah well... I love Tomasz if nobody else does [haha]. Swearing live on-air aside, you are a breath of fresh air Tomasz, please don't change... nice to have a presenter with personality, and who doesn't patronise us. He certainly is cool!

PS: Official comment from the man himself

This morning, prior to a live weather bulletin, I made a gesture off camera joking with my fellow presenters and without warning the camera went live to the weather studio. I am very sorry for any offence that might have been caused by my actions.

No offence taken here chief. Since it's you Tomasz, I'll let you off.

{i} Readers overseas may want to Google "Stephen Gateley"+"Jan Moir"+"Dail Mail". Or not
{ii} He really ought have used to fingers instead of one, can't beat an Anglo-Saxon salute
{iii} Thanks to Terratec, least the swearing didn't offend you

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  1. I'm annoyed I didn't catch that middle finger video clip myself. I seem to miss the extreme stuff like that, and Tobin on that bloomin' phone.