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16 Aug 2010

Two big thank-yous

As you may have gathered from the post-title, I have immense gratitude to two of my regular readers.

Firstly Matt has a done a sterling job in acquiring some screenshots from The Schaf's appearance on Tonight's The Night. So in Dear Deidre-style, a nice photo story...

1) Tomasz with John. Note matching Tomasz's tie matching John Barrowan's shirt-- a great double act in making here don't you think?

2) Tomasz meeting a shocked Sarah for the first time. Don't blame her, I'd be a gibbering wreck if I met Tomasz.

3) Tomasz explaining the task ahead to Sarah, I reckon he makes such a good teacher. I'd love a guiding hand from Tomasz {i}

4) Tomasz shows Sarah the gallery, the people Tomasz likes to tell to hush [wink]

5) Tomasz waiting in the wings as studio gets ready to link to Sarah in weather studio... if that doesn't encourage you, nothing will!

6) Tomasz clapping and jumping just after broadcast is finished. What a splendid way to praise somebody's perfomance

7) Not as good as getting a hug off the Divine One though.

8) Not only that Tomasz asking "how it went", and kindly reassuring Sarah Jane after her endeavour. What a man

Secondly an immense thank you goes to Terratec, for saving that as a video file. Hope this works alright...

And as if Terratec hasn't done enough, he has done this video of His Loveliness, who was on today (and for most this week) in his usual slot, over midday (rejoice!). Today saw Tomasz hiding from Simone-- can't say I blame The Schaf for doing that. Not to worry, since he's looking as fine as his weather charts.

So a huge thanks to both Matt and Terratec-- you're both stars!

{i} You know what I mean, behave.


  1. Hey! The TNT video turned out great.

  2. So Tomasz REALLY doesn't like Sinmone!

  3. @Mike
    You did a superb job there

    I tempted fate by polishing his halo too much on Saturday [LOL]