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14 Aug 2010

Adventure of Sarah Jane

I'm pleased to say Tomasz was on Tonight's The Night this evening, and The Schaf was at his most adorable.

The lady to be surprised was called Sarah-Jane, a plucky second-year journalism student; who's increasingly hard-of-hearing and also cares for her mother. John Barrowman decided she was ripe for a pleasant surprise, and lay in wait whilst Sarah Jane did a tour of the BBC TVC.

The tour guide directed Sarah Jane and her party towards a Tardis. The ebullient JB jumped out of said phone-box and shocked everyone, not least because of the bright purple shirt he was wearing. He announced he was going to take her to be mentored by "weatherman of the year" (I cannot repeat that often enough!) {i}, so that she could broadcast live on the News Channel-- no pressure there then!

The Tardis duly beemed Sarah-Jane and John Barrowman to the BBC Weather Centre. John of course wasn't looking for a cyberman, but a weatherman... and The Schaf spoke from the studio monitors. Sarah-Jane was thus granted an audience with the great man.

Next we saw Sarah-Jane tentatively rehearsing her piece, but Tomasz was adorably encouraging and being a real star. How can you fail with Tomasz behind you? Then the big moment came, Sarah-Jane breezed it, inspite of her understandable nerves; Tomasz was watching her with her family, he was enthusiastically cheering her on.

After the broadcast, Tomasz swept in to congratulate her warmly-- and she got a hug! I hope Sarah-Jane realises how lucky she is, a hug off Tomasz is much coveted! It shows what a lovely bloke he is though. He even dressed up in a suit (he was off-duty that day, if I recall?) and even colour co-ordinated his tie with John's shirt.

I shall try to get the i-player link up as soon as possible, if you missed it. Unless some superb person is to upload it on the web of course. I'd say it's The Divine One at his most admirable and heart-warming: If only more people in the world could be as kind, sweet and benevolent as him? [Sigh] I salute you Tomasz.


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