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13 Aug 2010

Tomorrow night will be our night

I've just checked the Tonight's The Night website, and I saw the following for this week's episode-- the bold text is of special importance!

John Barrowman makes more dreams come true for some very special people.
A dare-devil grandad, who has raised thousands of pounds for charity, wing-walks, while a hard-of-hearing student achieves her dream of presenting when she reads the weather on live TV.

An ex-soldier, who helps soldiers come to terms with life after the army, gives the performance of his life with the show's orchestra, and a teenager in constant pain gets a wonderful treat - duetting with singing star and Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon.

Plus which member of the studio audience deserves a song dedication?

As devotees of this blog will recall, our very own award-winning weather-presenter takes on the role of mentoring her, and John Barrowman's behest. Of course Tomasz being the charitable and amazing bloke he is, he complied. If I were the lady in question, I would exceptionally honoured to tutored by His Loveliness.

Another reason to watch, will be to witness the double-act of JB and Tomasz-- I have a strong feeling the two will get on like a house on fire. I reckon JB gave Tomasz an extra-special showbiz hug... well.. you just would, wouldn't you.

So 19:50 BBC1 tomorrow (Sat 14th Aug)
. Tissues at the ready! Well it could be quite emotional.

Meanwhile he was on overnight, warning us today's weather would be fitting for the curse of Friday 13th. Personally I don't believe in superstitions, they only bring bad luck. Not all unfortunate though: Our very shooting star talked of the amazing Perseids display, plus he was keen to emphasis calmer weather over Northern Ireland and Scotland (if that is deemed patronising by the Scots).

Sadly I don't have the technological capabilites to upload Tomasz's stint on Tonight's The Night, but I'll see what I can do for those who can't BBC1. Can't have you missing such an evangellical moment!

Finally, for those who like Tomasz's friend Liam Dutton, he's done a photoshoot...

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