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10 Aug 2010

Canada calling...

I'm pleased to say that Tomasz has a cult following in Canada, and rightly so I say! Alas I've not yet been to Canada, but I always hear glowing reports about the country and its people: Indeed it looks a beautiful country; Canadians I have met, have always been unfailingly affable. I wonder if Tomasz will get a mention of "humidex" in, for his listeners there-- eh?

We on the British Islands, and his fellow Poles, can't have all the fun with worshipping His Loveliness. I'm pleased to say I get visitors from all over the world, his outer and inner beauty is internationally admired: From Tierra Del Fuego to Talin, from Anchorage to Auckland, from Algiers to Alfreton, people have understandably fallen under his spell. Although he does appear to be sparse in admirers between Redesdale and Rejavik.

So to Tomasz on Sunday's overnight shift: "Wet or not wet, that is the question". Some people with minds in the gutter {i} may make a joke about dreams with that deft paraphrase of Hamlet, but somebody has already done that {ii}. Thanks to Terratec for his fine work here...

I note Tomasz went for satorial elegance with the blue tie, as he does his Kate Bush hand-gesturing routine. She's gone quiet, hasn't she...

{i} What are you looking at me for?
{ii} That Dominic Heale is a racy blighter.


  1. Ahhhhh!! Tomasz is paraphrasing Hamlet...I'm in geeky bookish heaven! LOL

  2. I thought he may break into a monologue about "slings and arrows of outrageous weather", but alas he didn't.