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7 Aug 2010

Va va voum

Many thanks to Matt for informing me about this: Yesterday on the News At One, Tomasz did an excellent ad-lib on that broadcast. He talked of weather having "va va voum" {i}, before switching from French, to an Italian-style hand gesture (akin to Gino Dicampo). I missed that!? Whadda mistake-a to make-a!

I've investigated the comment by John Barrowman (about Tomasz) in the Radio Times. At first it does sound like a dig "the last person I wanted to meet" [LOL], but actually the reverse is true...

I don't see why Tomasz needs sympathy because of this [scratches head]? I've never understood the issue people have with John Barrowman. I can understand that some people find him irritating on a personal level, he can be too 'full on' for some-- fair enough

However I note some object to him on a 'political level', usually these groupthink self-appointed voices of that pernicious fallacy, "the gay community". From what I can tell, the objections are because he's happy in himself, honest and out... but camp with it-- apparently that's not 'correct' behaviour. Well stereotypes exist for a reason, just go down to any pride festival or a gay bar. Anyone would think JB had burnt committed genocide or something-- what harm does he actually do? Beats me.

Besides there are people who aren't "stereotypically" gay in the media, such as Scott Mills... although I've heard these people complain that Scott isn't enough of gay man. I can only imagine these detractors have a chip-in-their shoulder, because they're insecure about their sexuality or define themselves by it-- and irked by public figures who are happy and secure in their sexuality [a psychologist writes...]

Laissez-faire I say: I like you John, if nobody else does: I think he's warm, indivudal, affable, intelligent, talented, fun, charismatic, harmless, compassionate, fun, charitable, amusing and a positive person. All the attributes I'd admire in Tomasz in fact... except for Tomasz is even/much better looking than JB

I can well imagine why John Barrowman wanted to meet The Schaf, and take him out for Sunday lunch-- I bet those two make a superb double-act. John Barrowman is very priviliged to go for dinner with His Loveliness {i}!

Sadly I'm don't move in the esteemed circles that Mr Barrowman does; nor do I possess his charisma, so the likelihood of my meeting Tomasz is low alas. Probably just as well, because I would be so nervous and probably a gibbering wreck! I'm sure Tomasz just as adorable off-screen though and a tygrysku.

Finally it appears that Dan Corbett will be doing Country Tracks tomorrow... so "little troublemakers", "lumps of treacle" and "whoosing" to be had. Tomasz is on overnight; just before 00:30 on Radio 4, as far as I can see. That's the blog, for now.

{i} Imagine getting beef, a couple of Yorkshire puddings and some warm gravy off Tomasz. Oof.


  1. I think you have yourself a new catchphrase there - That's the blog, for now.

  2. Is it me or has there been a distinct lack of Tomasz on Country Tracks (casual or otherwise) since his Attitude shoot? Are the BBC keeping his biceps from us?


  3. @Mike

    There's an idea! Although that catchphrases would better suited to Kirsty's blog on Dan Corbett, I wouldn't want to be a "troublemaker"


    According to my good pal Matt hereon, the last CT appearance from His Loveliness was five months ago! Not good enough is it?

    So we have Country Tracks this week, Tomasz on duty-- and what do they do? Put him on overnight! It's summer, we should have T in tight rugby shirts and taut jeans. I want my Licence Fee money back [LOL]

    I do hope it's not some perverse ploy by the BBC; however Country Tracks is only on if F1 isn't on (or if F1 is, no Politics Show, as of now with the parliament summer recess)-- so I suppose our chances are diminished with CT's erratic scheduling as well.