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6 Aug 2010

Mixed salad

I'm worried for Tomasz, he may get Janet Street-Porter on his tail now! The Schaf used the term "spits and spots" today; the usage of which by Dan Corbett, gets JPS all excited. Sadly Craig Charles doesn't share the admiration of the Dan C, given the fomer's unwarranted needling of the latter on Radio 2 this week. I hope Janice Long returns before long (pardon pun).

Anyway, back to His Loveliness with his mixed weather and groping hand motions. But what's this... he mistakenly called Scotland "Wales". Yeah he corrected himself immediately, but he should sacked immediately for his outrageous racism and burnt as a wicker man on the Outer Hebridies. Yes.

Even if our szkcoki friends aren't so keen, I'm pleased to tell Tomasz he doesn't just have admirers from Scotland, Ireland, England, Poland, Ilse of Man and the Channel Islands... visitors come to this blog far and wide. You're well loved in Canada it would seem.

I hear that John Barrowman has mention The Divine One is the Radio Times this week, regarding JB's Saturday show. I get the impression he has made arch comments about our hero, I shall investigate! Nobody denigrates The Schaf on my watch, you don't want to make him angry....

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  1. To show Tomasz is such a good live ad-libber, he restrained from asking 'where is summer?' or saying 'tempertaures are disappointing' and opted to say 'summer has lost its va va voom' on the lunchtime news. The was made greater by the fact he engaged in a very Gino d'Acampo Italian hand gesture (put hand out, palm upwards in front of you and bring the top of the thumb to the tips of all fingers).


    (No don't make him angry else he'll set those nasty pointy sharp cold fronts on you!)