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5 Aug 2010

Is it a caterpillar? Is it a snake? No it's Tomasz

The Schaf was on form today, with dramatic emphasis on certain words ("creeping!"). Especially on musing whether a weather front over the south-east of England was a caterpillar or a snake. I'd say the latter, because Tomasz always has an impressive snake down there.

Just so the Scots didn't feel left out, Tomasz pointed out they would suffer showers today-- sure they'll be pleased to here that. He did go half French and half Cockney barrow boy, with his "araht spowse" and bof-shrug/gurn at the end. Obviously the latter rubbed off during his bike across the other side of La Manche

Tomasz wore his lovely blue tie today, matches his eyes wonderfully. Speaking of attire, will Tomasz crop up in his casuals for Country Tracks? I believe it's on the is Sunday, or maybe Dan will return with his three-legged octopodes {i}. We wait patiently as as ever, for Sunday....

That coy smile, chiselled and stubbled jawline, sultry eyes, cute nose and hair waiting to be ruffle [sigh]

{i} When he's made up with Craig Charles of course.

With thanks to Terratec for the upload

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