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5 Oct 2010

Sliding in from the south-west

Tomasz caught me out today, by being on later in the afternoon. Not to worry, because the ever-excellent Terratec captured His Loveliness talking about a "soaker" that will "slide in from the south-west". I know Tomasz is being 'poetic', and doesn't mean things 'in that way'; but there's something heart-melting about the way he says these things, isn't there? Or is it me?

Looks as though some people's marshmallows and candy floss will getting damp at Goose Fair tomorrow.


  1. WTF???

  2. WTF indeed Dazza! I think some folk chez Met Office and BBC, need their heads testing.

    Not to mention that plank, who wrote the comment after the story, "thepark"; presumably as in 'as thick as multi-storey capark'.