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4 Oct 2010

Harumph, Wednesday

Don't worry readers: I haven't completely gone "szalony", I do know it's Monday and not Wednesday. My blog title is a reference to a twist to Tomasz's News At One forecast looking foward to this Wednesday-- Tomasz introduced that segment of the forecast with an adorable sigh. Don't you just want to give him a big hug? Especially after dramatically gesticulating that rain would be "pulsating from the south". Always nice to see Tomasz pulsating [ooh]

Today's clip is from 13:57 today:

I can confirm there was very sunny weather in Nottingham at 4pm, in fact mid-morning onwards-- very pleasant. Looks decent weather for Goose Fair this year. Maybe His Loveliness may pay it a visit, it be amazing to ride the Big Dipper with him.

Today's weather and Goose Fair are not as pleasant as Tomasz's smile at the end of that, I go all goeey inside when he does that.

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