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1 Oct 2010

Not looking dreadful

The weather may be "dreadful" across the British Islands today, but Tomasz certainly does not look dreadful-- far from it! He can always be relied on, to brighten up the dreariest of days (especially if you live in Gwynedd and Ceredigion), even if his biceps scoop up more rain from the south-west. Least we got a cute chuckle and smile at the end.

Now as our Terratec comments, does Tomasz appearing at midday (after a break of a few days), mean that we will get a long-awaited Country Tracks appearance this Sunday? We can but hope.


  1. Tomasz managed just 1 day - Dan Corbett is on today. Weird shifts or what?!

  2. Yeah, I was expecting him on lunchtime news today. Is he on overnight, I wonder (BBC World etc)? Liam Dutton is doing the Shipping Forecast, I believe.

    His Loveliness has indicated anything on his website, last I looked.