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14 Oct 2010


Czesc all.

Many thanks for the kind comments yesterday; not just about my blog, but expressing support for the good man himself. His agent Tim Reed, released this statement yesterday:

"I'm shocked that due to restructuring the Met Office have taken the decision to remove Tomasz from any on air presence. Tomasz and I are still waiting for feedback from the Met Office as to why he hasn't been chosen to remain in the broadcasting team. Nobody at the BBC has ever expressed any dissatisfaction to either Tomasz or me about the standard of his work."
Tim Reed Management

I have praise for the Daily Mirror today, who reported the news without any snide remarks. In fact they were charming about him: Calling him a "hunk" (damn right!), stating he was a "rising star" and recognise his "cult" status. They were also matter-of-fact about Attitude and his 'incidents' in the past. So good on Tom Bryant.

Shame the commenters on the story can't be as charming, one doubting his status as a "hunk". Oh dear! So what if has an agent-- it's Tomasz who pays for that-- not the BBC! Besides, Fiona Bruce doing Antiques Roadshow doesn't make her any less of a newsreader. On a side-note, I was intrigued to see the Mirror reporting that five presenters are going too-- who are the other two I wonder?

I was slightly disappointed with The Independent, who said that Tomasz "has built up a cult following despite a series of on-screen gaffes". I suspect the journo who wrote that, doesn't appreciate that the way Tomasz deals with his slip-ups, is the reason he is adored: He's not afraid to laugh at himself, and encourages to others to do so (plus he does such an excellent job the rest of the time). To be fair, the article does call him "popular", and points out his TRIC award.

Pink News have also reported on it, rather unkindly listing all his "gaffes" (although I can't take any a publication seriously, that uses that ghastly term "the gay community"). However at least they conceded the fans were angry at the decision.

Unsurprisingly Sky News concentrate on the negatives, not unlike Mr Murdoch to bash the Beeb of course! I wonder if they reported on Adam Boulton's rant at Alistair Campbell, or Kay Burley's controversies with such zeal?

Although kind towards Rob McElwee and Phil Avery (fair enough), The Daily Telegraph was probably the meanest of the lot towards The Schaf. I quote: "Like the early mist that burns off as the sun strengthens, he will leave behind an ill-defined impression on the viewer's memory, apart from having once been caught on camera making a rude gesture". Really? What about his huge Fbk following, this blog, Youtube clips and the award?

I think on many a person's mind, he has left a very nice impression (especially that with Attitude shoot!).It's amazing how many people seem to be under the impression that Msrs McElwee and Avery are "proper" meteorlogists, when all the BBC national weather forecasters have degrees in meteorology. Also the BBC forecasts talk about the jet-stream and isobars; Tomasz certainly does, as my blog has shown frequently.

Still, somebody at the Daily Torygraph has some brain-cells to rub together, and this nice column shows

On a brighter note, ATV Network was charitable about Tomasz, especially over the Middle Finger saga. The article also talks of his popularity and "down to earth approach". Not only that, it features three highly supportive messages posted on the Facebook site, suggesting it sums up the prevalent mood. Shame that a commenter called "thepark" spits vitriol at him beneath it, all that bile has obviously given him/her a selective memory and the inability to use capital-letters or punctuation correctly. I'm sure you lovely Schaffanatics can can put him/her right, eh?

Overall I think it's a shame that so many reports and people seem to be concentrating on his "gaffes" all the time, and trying to knock him. The irony is most reports have concentrated on Tomasz; why would they do that, if he isn't popular? I don't mean any disrepect to Phil Avery or Rob McElwee when I say that, by the way.

It's as if he blunders all the time, and they ignore the rest of his forecasts: Engaging, intelligent, good-humoured and cheerful (yes and handsome!)-- the things that make him popular. They ignore the fact that other presenters have had blunders; where's the vitriol for Laura Tobin, after her mobile phone incident? Or Richard Edgar for talking of "shitty weather"?

And I note nobody has mentioned Tomasz's charity bike-rides in these articles; without the help of his fans, he wouldn't have raised such huge amounts of money for good causes, out of all his trouble. Or that talk he did at East Sheen Library.

I can only imagine some bitter journalists and internet trolls feel threatened by somebody who is stunningly good-looking, popular and charismatic-- I really hope Beeb bosses don't pay much attention to them. We have seen popular presenters (on shows well-suited for them) moved on, because of sour bosses. I hope Tomasz doesn't become one of those victims.

I, and doubtless my many readers, will support you Tomasz-- whatever happens.


  1. What a sad week :( I hope Tom will go on to greater things if it is the end of weather presenting. The BBC obviously don't know that in order to make otherwise dull and montonous broadcasting approachable, they need charismatic and well-trained people to do the job. I think it was a very harsh decision, as he did have the backing of the TRIC award. The BBC and Met Office bosses were all too keen to endorse the reasons why he got the award - only 7 months ago. It's another example of talented people and the good guys being thrown out, and we are left with [some] presenters who have the charisma of a tractor tyre, and if they do not do weather or news, are money-hungry. The BBC were more than happy to keep the pervert Jonathon Ross on until he left for ITV.

    I would much rather see Anne Robinson finish doing the tired out Weakest Link and her wages go towards Tomasz and others. But that seems sensible so that won't happen.

    I was worried the other day to see Sky News had no presenter at all doing the weather...wonder if that's how they have saved money?

    The fact Tim Reed and Tom haven't been given feedback yet as to why Tom was let go is making the decision look ever more ludicrous, because it suggests there isn't a good reason.

    Tomasz, with the brilliant generosity from fans and family, has raised £3330.50 as of today. Come on Torygraph...let's hear your comeback.

    I hope this won't be the end of the blog RM...we may have a dry spell for a while!

    Best wishes all!

  2. There's a news Facebook group Bring Back Tomasz Schafernaker at:

  3. Hello Matt,

    Indeed a sad week. It just seems to utterly crackpot, to get rid of their most charismatic presenter (Rob McElwee had his distinctive style too of course).

    We are left with a few charismatic presenters. Alex had a blokely charm, Liam has a certain likeablity, Matt is endearing and Laura seems to attract the attention of many a discerning male! The others to me (competent forecasters they may be), just have the charisma of plywood.

    As you say, the BBC have clung on to worse presenters-- Wossy being an example. Even Brucie is starting to get tiresome in my view now. At the very least Tomasz deserves a proper explanation.

    I suspect the BBC has licence obligations to provide certain amount of weather (inc the five-day forecasts), unlike other telly channels.

    You're right about the charity work: If it weren't for his many fans, he wouldn't have achieved that amount!

  4. Phil Avery and Rob McElwee are still currently on air, so maybe Tomasz will make an appearence before too long - unless he's left already?

  5. There is now a support group for him on Facebook called "Bring Back Tomasz Schafernaker" at!/home.php?sk=group_125579087496656&ap=1

  6. Bill:
    Thanks for that info, I shall be mentioning in my next post.

    Somebody texted me about Phil Avery the other day. As I recall, their departure is not until next months, so hopefully a swansong or two from His Loveliness. Hopefully "au revoir", rather than "adieu".

    Perhaps he's on gardening leave, as far as onscreen work goes.