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16 Oct 2010

Facebook fraternity

I'm sure many of you follow The Schaf on Facebook: As well as writing kind comments of support on His Loveliness's page there, we now have a Facebook page calling for his return:
Fbk got Rage Against The Machine to Christmas Number One last year, and got Cadbury's to re-introduce Wispa-- so who knows?

Speaking of which, I've noticed a couple of comments on Facebook, claiming the decision about Tomasz was borne "out of homophobia". I doubt (I certainly hope) this is not the case, given the large number of gay men that work at Television Centre, not least presenters for BBC News; James Dagwell, Julian Worricker and Evan Davies for instance.

On a brighter note, a nice piece from a Guardian writer, who writes in defence of charismatic weather presenter. She calls Tomasz "glamorous", so she gets my vote!. Ian McCaskill receiving the biggest postbag... well that shows weather-presenters with character are popular. Not only does His Loveliness have that, but he has the amazing good looks to complement it.

If things don't turn out well for Tomasz in his new role, I'd like to make a suggestion, a revival of an idea I had previously: Tomasz has a keen interest in the paranormal, so I reckon they should revive Strange But True {i}. His dramatic narration and engaging phraseology would be perfect! He could even take the mick out those hammy reconstructions, that's the programme's trademark. No offence to Michael Aspel, but Tomasz is much easier on the eye too.

If I recall rightly, his main interest in the paranormal is to do with UFOs. This an epsiode of Strange But True documenting our most notorious UFO incident in the UK {ii}. Imagine what Tomasz would do with this...

{i} Call me selfish, but I wouldn't want to lose him to the USA, and being on Coast To Coast instead [haha]
{ii} If you go to Rendlesham Forest, there's even an official UFO trail to go on now!


  1. Good on you Roger for your lengthy posts over the last week, only got to properly read them today. What terrible news, such a pity for a move like this to be made. Bad times :(

    He brings a warm sense of fun and joy to the weather and moreso to his TV station, and it is VERY regretful on their part that they dont see this. Fair enough he has had his share of gaffes but they were all in the best of humour. Overall, despite his on-screen banter (with himself sometimes! lol), he is meticulous in his broadcasts, and deserves better than to be put into a back-of-house role. His on-screen colleagues seem to have a strong fondness for him, no doubt he will be missed by them as much as the fans.

    As regards his bosses claims that he doesnt have "sufficient leadership skills", don't you agree that raising over 3 grand for charity, winning an industry-respected award, and appearing on the cover of a globally distributed magazine, all slam this claim completely????

    My personal opinion of him -
    He has progressed so far in his career at such a young age. This blended with his pretty sweet personal achievements (fitness magazine + charity rides) makes him, in my opinion, an excellent role model for young people of all diversities, proving that anyone can go for whatever they want whilst remaining open, honest and proud of themselves. He seems like a very decent and wholesome chap, not someone you would want to see knocked down like this.

    Haven't seen him on air and his website has been silent, hopefully he isn't too cut up over it, I'm sure other offers will roll in, but I do hope he won't accept anything just for the sake of staying on screen. I love his station, I think they're a super broadcaster, but so is he, and I would hate to see the lad selling himself short on certain other stations you have in the UK.... Perhaps he might do this back-of-house role for the moment, re-apply for the on-screen further down the road. He might just see it as a temporary means to an end, take it on the chin and just get on with the job.

    Either way, I hope he finds happiness in whatever he moves onto, and as for the rest of us, well, we will always have you Roger! ;)

    PR, Dublin.

  2. Hello PR,

    Many thanks for your kind words, and I entirely agree-- very well written [thumbs up]

    Sorry about the lenghtiness of my posts of late, but needs must. Not only may they be my last for a while, but also I was so exercised by this BBC/Met Office decision, my fingers got decidely twitchy!

    Tomasz did have his share of gaffes as you say; however his cult following meant that they are highlighted more than those of his colleagues. Of course we fans can see the humour in them, it appears that management have taken notice more of the internet trolls and Daily Wail types.

    Can't they see that his ability to laugh at himself, and the way he's 'human' and down-to-earth, is a big part of his appeal? He's not just a pretty boy.

    As you say such people can't (or don't) want to look beyond this, and ignore the dozens of flawless and meticulous broadcasts.

    I agree he's fondly regarded by his colleagues. Whenever they're on Janice Long, the talk of Tomasz fondly (especially Carol 'Schmirkwood'), and when they have Twitter banter. From what I gather he and Liam Dutton are very good pals.

    I defintely agree with refuting of the this whole "lack of team-leadership skills" BS. If he can inspire so many people to raise over £3000 for a charitable cause, he must have some charisma about him-- and they don't give out TRIC awards like confetti either (peer-evaluated awards too)

    I think he's developed so well since 2006. Not just by losing weight and becoming even more gorgeous, but as a presenter.

    He's developed a very endearing and confident style, and added showbiz to the weather--(something we haven't seen since the days of Ian Mac). I doubt even Dan Corbett started off with his picnics baskets and lumps of treacle! That's what earned Tomasz his loyal fanbase, not just posing for Attitude. Although that those photos have provided me with inspiration many a time... err... yes.

    I've had a couple of lovely emails of Tomasz, he really is a sweet and kind as you say. Whenever you listen to him on Janice Long, he comes across as a top bloke. I happen to acquainted with a pal of his, he says Tomasz is indeed "lovely". He should be rightly prouf or himself and his achievements, but he isn't big-headed with it.

    I have some good news on the 'silence' from Tomasz, see my latest blog! Make the most of it, for the time being.

    Despite its critics, the BBC has many fine strengths, and is one of our finest exports. Sadly commercial telly stations here have an ever-increasing tenuous grasp of public-service broadcasting.

    I too wish Tomasz happiness. I would be shame for us if we lost him to the office, but if he's content-- the so am I.

    Thanks for saying you'll always have me. I can't be as gorgeous, wonderful, witty, amazing [continue with your own laudatory adjectives] as Tomasz.

    I can't see Tomasz appearing in Britain's Got Diarrhoea though (confer this month's Viz)

    PR..are those intials for a name, or are you public relations for Tomasz?

  3. just my initials Roger...Cheers for the response, keep up the good work ;)