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20 Oct 2010


It appears Tomasz will be on for the 23rd and 24th of October, for the lunchtime shift! Please, please, please can there be a Country Tracks then: Although there's little chance of a short-sleeved rugby shirt during this cold snap, but it would be a treat to see Tomasz in *those* jeans, maybe the last time for a while.

The 25th and 26th will see Tomasz doing the overnight stint-- so Shipping Forecast and BBC World-- Canadian fans rejoice for the latter (or wherever else you international Schaffanatics may lurk)! Also Radio 2, so a chat with the classy Janice Long on the cards for the wee hours of Monday morning. He also may be on BBC radio station near you (BBC Devon is often a good bet)

The 28th and 29th has Tomasz on the News Channel/BBC News At One, plus Radio 4 after You & Yours. Let's hope these appaearances will remind the Met Office and the Beeb what a superlative chap His Loveliness is!

Rumour on Twittersphere is that Radio Five Live are coveting Tomasz to be their weatherman. I hope my mentioning of this rumour, helps it to come true... my spies tell me that Tomasz was approach to do Strictly Come Dancing this year!

I can't see Tomasz appearing on Britain's Got Diarrhoea (confer this month's Viz). Let's hope he can do something for Children In Need? Let's Sir Terrence on the case. Even if he doesn't, the latest Janet & John CD is available from Clinging To The Wreckage.

In absence of Tomasz this week, a bedtime story for you...

I did have a nice picture of Tomasz, but a little box says the image upload gubbins, is unavailable at present [comedy harumph]

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