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21 Oct 2010

Five alive?

Some interesting news on the horizon, as reported by The Guardian today. It appears bosses of the BBC's Radio Five Live are keen to have Tomasz as its weather-presenter:

I thought the article was a bit harsh, again we the have "despite the gaffes" canard-- apparently this is why he's high-profile. For pity's sake, don't these journos get it? Tomasz isn't notable (just) because of his "gaffes": It's because people love his style of presenting, love his personality, he does an excellently engaging job of presenting the weather. Oh yeah, and he's rather gorgeous as well... alright that factor is lost on radio, but least we still have Tomasz's melifluous voice!

Tomasz has nothing on Nicky Campbell in the gaffe-stakes, considering his difficultly with West Kent Hunt-- not once-- but twice! Reverend Spooner would have been proud. Yet nobody harps on about Campbell's cock-up do they? They're just jealous, Tomasz.

However I note a very reliable source on Facebook, simply comments: "Don't believe it!!".

Meanwhile, thanks for Matt for the following: It appears His Loveliness has a book coming out! Amazon has the following info...
Tomasz Schafernaker [Paperback]
Lambert M. Surhone (Editor), Mariam T. Tennoe (Editor), Susan F. Henssonow (Editor) £38. # Paperback: 128 pages
# Publisher: Betascript Publishing (28 Sep 2010)
# Language English
# ISBN-10: 6133148217
# ISBN-13: 978-6133148215
# Product Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.7 cm
# Average Customer Review: No customer reviews yet.

I had wondered whether it was our Tomasz, but then we found this on the Waterstones site. That biography sounds familiar! Although he's not mentioned as an author? I hope it's been authorised by him...

Speaking of which, I wonder what type of book this is? A biograhpy, or a weather-related tome. Or a nice beside-table book with lots of pictures of Tomasz, which means I won't be leaving the house on a Sunday.

As Jim Taggart used to say: "Currrriouserrr and currriouserrrr". I'll be keeping my ear to the ground, and certainly listening for Tomasz..


  1. On that link the price is £59.44 - for a 128 page book! Why so pricey?
    You'd better start saving, Roger.

  2. I've bought on Amazon for £38. Should get it Saturday, most curious now...!

    When is Dan doing his book, that's what I want to know. A collection of his similies perhaps? He was talking about a big sponge mopping up clouds a few weeks ago!

  3. Does 'don't believe it!' mean don't believe it because it's false or is that 'don't believe it' as in being surprised? Hmmm...these cryptic things! Hope it is true...I think he would be great on the wireless!! But it will probably turn out the way we don't want.

    I hope that book is what you are looking for RM...saw it on the leading book sites. Published relatively recently, and the bio was Tomasz's...why put his bio for a random book? Cover pic would help or a customer review...

    ***Because of this, I think it's best for people not to go buying it until RM's has arrived and we have his feedback***

    Finger's crossed on all parts of today's post.

  4. I think that comment was meant to read as "don't take it as the truth", that other interpretation didn't occur me (no less valid though)

    He does well on Janice Long and other such slots, so he could flourish in Five Live-- not the same though.

    The book ought to come tomorrow, I shall see. I managed to get for £38 from Amazon.