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23 Oct 2010

Krusty the clown

His Loveliness was back on today, with a classy blue tie and tanfastic glow. However Tomasz did seem a little distrated; I swear I saw a strange shadow on the screen for one or two of his forecasts-- it's sabotage I tell you!

We did have an adorable (but minor) slip-up: Referring to the cold night over Northern Ireland, The Schaf said that the morning would be "crusty". What could make it crusty there, I wonder? Perhaps there are many hippies in Norn Iron, so there are. Of course our weather god meant "cold and frosty". Least he can laugh at himself...

The calming influence of Northern Ireland's finest, Maxine Mawhinney, meant that things ran more smoothly at 13:56..

Either way, seeing Tomasz on telly makes me as happy as Rustie Lee on Pro-Plus.

Meanwhile over on Twitter, Tomasz wants you to show off your prize-winning pumpkin! He aims to showcase the finest photos of pumpkins on his website. Speaking of which, the website has been updated with some nice pics of Tomasz on London-Paris bike-ride, plus a Halowe'en themed header. As you may know, Tomasz is famed for his Halowe'en parties....

Tomasz also kindly thanks everyone for the kind messages on Facebook, and is "still at the weather centre, for the moment". Reportedly the 'regime change' is due at the end of November-- I'm pleased to say his website remarks he's on "throughout November".

He's scheduled to be on Country Tracks tomorrow. As interesting as Jodie Kidd is, The Schaf ought to be on in the last quarter-hour (between 12:00 and 12:15). I'm sure the wonderful Terratec will capture the moments of glory for us! Thanks for the two uploads today, by the way.

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