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24 Oct 2010

Mother Nature is kind

This was the opening line of Tomasz's forecast at 10:28 on the News Channel. It certainly is kind, since it brought The Schaf into our lives. It was certainly kind to Tomasz; not least what we could see of his Craghopper(?) trousers, demonstrated. Nice shirt/fleece combo too. He warned of frosts, but the sight and sound of His Loveliness is enough to melt any icicle.

Sadly more artificial things were not kind to poor Tomasz, as his graphics went into meltdown-- it's sabotage I tell you! {i}. The Schaf is so adorable, even his computer wants to go down on him. Seriously though, he did an excellent job at ad-libbing, apologised, made light of it and was a true pro. That's what we like about Tomasz (are you listening bosses?)-- how many other presenters would handle that with such panache. And we got *the smile* at the end.

He even had the grace to apologise to us loyal Schaffanatics, for not getting the full forecasts across. Not to worry Tomasz, not your fault. To err is to be human; but to really foul things up, you need computers. He did offer an explanation for us...

At least a gremlins weren't present for the rest of his broadcasts on the News Channel. He was able to tell us about "stiff northerlies". I suppose they may happen, if you take too many iron tablets.

{i} No doubt certain newspapers will have it down as another "gaffe", and denigrate Tomasz because of it [rolls eyes]


  1. Impressive handling of a difficult situation. Hats off to the Schaf!

  2. Very professional indeed was Schaf on Sunday. "It's one of these days" LOL.

    "That" paper is so far up their own a**e they can see their tonsils. Has about 16 pages of puzzles nowadays because they can't find 60 to write how awful the BBC is, or how blinking induces schizophrenia.

    All the best