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25 Oct 2010

Things that go bump in the night

The marvellous Matt Taylor was on with Janice Long in the wee hours of this morning, and His Loveliness was mentioned. He was talking about Tomasz's Halowe'en preparations and his legendary parties

"[The Schaf] is the ultimate Halowe'en fan. He spends weeks doing his house up for it. He does a fantastic job of it, the most amazing Halowe'en party you'll ever go to". Janice wants an invite, no doubt she'll be having words in a few hours-- Tomasz is doing the overnight shift for the next couple of nights! People outside the UK (Canada of course!) may wish to watch BBC World tonight and tomorrow.

Matt also revealed that trick or treat is a big thing in Glasgow. After watching Taggart for many years I can believe that.
"Thus scunner got muhdurred, cuzz he wouldnae give the bairns some sweets"
"Aye muhdurred, foond floa'in' in the Revva Clade"
Or something like that. I can't wait for CSI Glasgow with Reid, Ross and Burke.

Here's Matt on The Schaf, 1:15:14

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