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26 Oct 2010

Disappearing like a phantom in ze night

Tomasz was on Janice Long's show briefly this morning, sadly not the usual fun-filled chitter-chatter, bar Janice complaining about a shaft of cold air. Tomasz wryly reckoned it may have been a ghost. I can sympathise with that view, I once went on a Galleries of Justice ghost-hunting exhibition: Although nothing entered me, I almost had the willies put up me.

Janice cryptically explained that Tomasz had "to dash off and do something elsewhere", thus Tomasz did as my title (or rather Michelle of The Resistance) suggested. Then Ms Long kindly said it's always a pleasure to have Tomasz on the show-- sadly it won't be an occurence for much longer-- make the most of it!

Listen to this in the next few days...1:11:50

I take it Tomasz was on BBC World. As far as I'm aware, it's not receivable in the UK-- so I rely on the Canadian Schaffanatics to tell me (or indeed Polish, Irish etc!). No Tomasz on the Shipping Forecast though.

Same shift tonight, let's hope we get more of His Loveliness with Janice!


  1. O.M.G. (& that's from a man who hates txt spk) but do you have a larger version of that last pic.

    Tomasz is just bulging in all the right places wearing that shirt.


  2. I have sent you an email, you may like!

  3. Hi Roger,

    I have been missing Tomasz for almost a month now since I just got back from vacation in the Far East.

    My-oh-my, it's good to see His Loveliness presented last night starting midnight EST on BBC World.

    Towards the end of the comprehensive world weather forecast (minute 39), his infamous and infectious cute smile accompanied a few words about the effect hurricane "Ahem - Tomas" (luckily without any giggles since the name of the hurricane closely resembles his name) on flodding in Haiti and the Carribean :-)

    Welcome back Tomasz!

  4. Hello there, great to hear from you.

    I note that Tomasz has been on the overnight (if you're GMT) slot over the past couple of nights. He hasn't been on Janice Long or Shipping Forecast, so I suspected he may have been doing BBC World!

    You must've read my mind, because I was going to ask my fantastic Canadian readers whether he had been on BBC World (not in available in the UK).

    I love your tip-off about Hurricane Tomas, although he can't laugh too much at something caused so much damage.

    Thanks as ever :-)