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27 Oct 2010

Changing everyday

A slightly distrubing moment on Radio 2 in the wee hours of this morning, with Janice Long talking about sperm, just before the weather slot. I feared that Janice would ask Tomasz to give a mouthful on that bad taste topic.


However it was Laura Tobin chatting with Janice, and the topic changed to Jon Bon Jovi. Laura is a huge fan (even more so after meeting him), and she was worried about fainting when she interviewed him. I think if I were to meet or interview Tomasz, I'd suffer the same apprehension!

Clearly Alex Deakin appearing on Mastermind has sparked a trend, Laura had also been asked to do Strictly (she had twisted her ankle though), as was Tomasz. For many men, Laura is female equivalent of Tomasz... I would've loved to have seen Tomasz gyrating like a dervish in some those costumes they use on Strictly. Tomasz reports on Twitter that he and Laura Tobin were jiving to theme tunes from children's programmes-- Denver The Last Dinosaur (he's gone quiet)

Laura did the Shipping Forecast this morning-- so I take it Tomasz was on BBC World duties? Hope so. He found time to chat with Liam Dutton on Twitter: Apparently Boy George is following Liam... in a Twitter sense, rather than literally I'd hope-- he could end up being chained to a radiator.

Stranger things have happened to telly personalities, as the QI quizmaster and Dr House once found out...

Finally Tomasz will be on his customary daytime shift tomorrow. News At One, News Channel between 11:00-15:00 plus Radio 4 after You & Yours.

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