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28 Oct 2010

Thundercats ho!

Tomasz showed off his prize pumpkin today, on Facebook. It was beautifully carved to give the outline of the Thundercats logo {i}

I just hope that pumpkin doesn't raise the spirit of Mumm-Ra. In case you're wondering, he drew on the design himself...

I've finally got the book about Tomasz. I wouldn't recommend it, all it is a load of Wikipeda articles cobbled together! The first one was about The Schaf himself, his Wiki page. Then it was followed by Wiki articles about BBC News, the BBC Weather, BBC World, TRIC awards, University of Reading, Met Office, St John's College, Western Islands and Scottish Highlands. All stuff you can look up yourself on Wikipedia-- most strange. At least it's nothing malicious about His Loveliness.

Tomasz is not back on our screens until November 2nd and 3rd {ii}, so I want to wish him a great Halowe'en; I hope his party goes well and has fun dressing up as Dracula. I like Halowe'en, because I don't have to dress up at all, and I've been called a "count" a few times. If you have any trouble with the kidsies, just tell them it's illegal for them to do it, under the 1824 Vagrancy Act.

A suitably spooky tale for the big day, some of this actually took place on Halowe'en...

{i} A animated series from the late 1980s, about humanoid cats. Yes really.
{ii} No Country Tracks this week, darn

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