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1 Nov 2010

Points of view

Poor Tomasz has been picked on again, albeit obliquely. On Sundays there is a programme on BBC television called Points Of View, presented by Jeremy Vine. It allows viewers to vent their spleen about programmes on the BBC: Occasionally correspondents are nice about programmes; but it appears the type of querulous contributors to Jezza's Radio 2 show, dominate his telly gig too.

One such person is Nina Dorian, getting exercised about presenters and reporters gesticulating wildly on television. To be fair she does have a valid point, in that some television personalities do seem to be under the impression they are directing aircrafts into hangars.

Her gripe was illustrated by a montage of various presenters gesticulating-- this montage included The Schaf! For a start he doesn't gesticulate as much as Dan Corbett; no offence to Dan, indeed his gestures are almost an homage to Tommy Cooper. However that is besides the point, because weather-presenters need to use arm/hand movements to illustrate charts, movements of systems or pointing out rough locations on the map. Tomasz is not like a breakfast television presenter merely yacking to his co-presenter, or a reporter doing a simple piece-to-camera.

I think of a suitable hand gesture or two, to give the researcher who saw it fit to include Tomasz in that little montage

However I'm too ladylike to give a demonstration, or indeed a screengrab of a certain infamous incident involving His Loveliness.

Instead a link, 11:26 onwards.

In other news, The Schaf is due to be on News At One tomorrow and Wednesday-- plus the News Channel between 11:00-15:00 and Radio at around 12:58. Rejoice.


  1. Homage to Tommy Cooper?! That's a new one on me.

    BTW - you can link directly to a specific point in an iPlayer programme by clicking on 'link to this' and then choosing 'current position' when you get to the relevant portion:

  2. It's that crested-elbow, fingers pointing down and wrists bent gesture he does-- reminds of Tommy Cooper's "just like that" pose. Perhaps Dan ought to wear a fez in the future.

    Many thanks for the heads-up regarding that neat bit of HMTL, most useful.