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2 Nov 2010

Tomasz's flirting

Terratec to thank for the following double-bill. First off Simon McCoy wished Tomasz a cheery good morning, no persiflage these days; understandable given past events, but shame really.

Still we had Tomasz with a nice layer of stubble and talking about temperatures not being way above normal, but "waaaaaaaay" above average-- that's emphasis for you. On a shallower note; is it my imagination, or is Tomasz's suit struggling to contain his biceps these days?

Later on we had superb onomatopoeia from Tomasz: "Miserly, murky and mild" conditions-- so poetic. In another forecast, he talked of air-systems "flirting" with the UK!

Certainly plenty of fieldfares came in around my way the other Sunday-- feasting on the berry bushes along the Grantham Canal. The number of fieldfares, redwing and waxwings coming in from Nordic countries, depends on the berry crop up there. If there's has been a low yield (owing to a harsh autumn), they flock here in greater numbers.

Fieldfares make a "chack-chack" call rather like a football rattle, and are usually in flocks of a dozen to twenty. Redwings are smaller than our song thrushes, and have a distinctive white line across the eye. Waxwings are rare, but are the prettiest: Mostly pink with a distinctive crest; with black, white and red wings.

So keep an eye and ear out, when walking near berry bushes in the coming weeks!

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