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18 Nov 2010

Champers, darling?

A couple of amusing moments with His Loveliness today, both involving champagne. Before a certain daily publication starts fulminating, Tomasz was not drunk and disorderly.

It was a story involving the discovery of encased champagne, which was found in a shipwreck. This story was of particular interest to Jane Hill, as Matthew Amroliwala was keen to point out in their banter. Jane wanted to "move on swiftly", but Tomasz was all ears about Jane's champers prediliction...

That raised eyebrow was rather cute, don't you think? Lousie Minchin commented that the champagne story was "delicious"... and speaking of which, she linked to The Schaf, who is equally delicious. Tomasz commented (to Louise): "You like a glass of champagne, don't you? Don't we all sometimes"

During one his weather forecasts, he said it would be "damp on the ground" for many of us. Rings true, when one watches Tomasz do a weather forecast... err.. yess

Appears that some sleet is on the way for north-east England, possibly some snow up the Cheviots. I hope none of my readers in Cornwall, is not badly affected by the floods of the past couple of days.


  1. Perfect comic timing! Face said it all. Seems Louise and Jane both like a tipple [in the newsroom lol]

    Daily Fail: 'Outrage as Polish-born Schafernaker moves his right eyebrow', followed by some schmuck saying 'burn the BBC'.

  2. Very quick wasn't he? They had cause to celebrate when he won the TRIC, I notice Louise was there with the champers then.

    Be careful what you about the Daily Wail. As Ian Hislop once said, reality often outpaces satire!