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19 Nov 2010

A rose, is a rose...

A few adorable moments from The Schaf today: He was doing his bit for 'charidee' today, wearing a small Pudsey bear badge on his suit, for Children In Need.

Naturally this attracted comment from Simone, who asked Tomasz to show it off (the badge that is)-- before heckling him! Mr McCoy just can't resist, can he? Still, we got a close-up of Tomasz, so I won't complain...

Don't worry Tomasz, you bring sunshine to everyone's life. For News At One, Tomasz changed his groovy floral-pattern purple tie, for a white spotted-pattern one-- matching Pudsey's eye-bandage. Louise Minchin called him "fashionable"! I think it's great that Tomasz went to that effort; if anybody get can viewers to donate generously {i}, then it's The Schaf.

In other news, Emma Crosby had trouble pronouncing His Loveliness's name. He kindly commented that "she wasn't the first", and wistfully remarked that his name had given him "trouble" throughout his life {ii}.

Aaah poor Tomasz well I think it's a superb name, distinctive and cool-- one we don't forget for all the right reasons. My heart melts at its very mention. Besides, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

So who is cuter-- Pudsey Bear or Tomasz? Only one way to find out.... fiiiiiight!{iii}

On serious note, if you wish to donate to Children In Need, please confer and the number is:
03457 33 22 33

Since Tomasz has made an effort to advertise CIN, who are we to refuse? I'm sure you can raise something substantial for him.

PS: Many thanks to Terratec for his amazing work.

{i} I'm talking money here, nothing 'medical'
{ii} I can see the Daily Wail now: "Polish-born Weatherman flusters newspresent with Austrian surname, before disrepecting viewers with a garish tie and badge in sickening charity stunt"
{iii} I merely evoke the playful of spirit of Harry Hill, I don't condone violence between charity mascots and weather forecasters.


  1. The female is ex-GMTV presenter Emma Crosby.
    It's strange how can the BBC can take on news staff, to it's ever swelling list of news presenters, yet get rid of Broadcast Meteorologists such as Tomasz, Rob and Philip?

  2. Thought I'd recognised her from somewhere, I shall duly edit the post.

    It's the Met Office that want rid of the weather presenters (apart from Carol K, all of the BBC national ones are employed by the MO)

    The BBC is unhappy about this decision from what I gather. Whether the BBC itself will employ some of the forecasters being being put 'back-stage', we shall have to see..

  3. Howdy. According to Tomasz's own web page, he'll be on air well into December - 17th in fact.

  4. Ey up,

    Tomasz is coming back from Gdansk today. He brings us tales of wild boars, dense fog and -20C temperatures!