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26 Nov 2010

Gallivanting in Gdansk


The blog has been quiet of late, because our hero has embarked on a trip to Gdansk. Via Warsaw, as dense fog shut Gdank's airport, so poor Tomasz had to endure a six-hour coach journey from Warsaw's airport to Gdansk. Still the latter at night looks nice...

Chilly there too, as you'd imagine: It didn't stop wild boar from rummaging around the streets of the city though..

Certainly a rare sight in the UK. The last wild boar was reputedly killed in Wildboarclough (Cheshire) a few centuries ago: However there is a now a small colony of boars in the Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire), after they were 'accidentally-on-purpose' released there a few years ago.

And for those reading this in the British Islands, a warning from His Loveliness...

Yes those along the North Sea flank of the country will have experienced the snow already; Northumberland, North York Moors and Scottish mountains copping the worst. Nothing here in Nottinghamshire yet, two sunny days-- but with chilly (that word again!) temperatures by day-- only 1.5C in the afternoon!

Sticking with us for a few more days, this northerly airflow. Should that low rise north from continental Europe, we could blizzards if it hits the cold air. Tomasz et alia will keep us informed, I'm sure!

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