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1 Dec 2010

Coming in clumps

That's how The Schaf described the freakish (for this time of year) snow showers, that are blighting the British Isles at present, Tomasz giving us a good ten inches in some areas {i}

Amusingly the weather radar showed snow over London on 10:30 broadcast, yet there was no snow at BBC TV Centre-- "they [Met Office] obviously didn't get my text" Tomasz dryly quipped. And you know if the snow is becomes bad in the UK, when London gets it [wink]!

Especially freaky are the temperatures experienced with this weather. The current record for the UK's lowest temperature, is -27.2C. Tomasz fascinatingly informed us, that we could see temperatures dipping to almost -30C in the Scottish Highlands over the next few nights. It will be so cold, you won't be able to tell the difference between Angus and Agnes. For the rest of us, a "positively balmy" -10C!

If there's a record to be broken, I like to Tomasz will be the one to announce it. I hope he's right, we don't want frosty Scots writing equally frost letters to a certain newspaper.

His Loveliness raises a good question there, about "cats and dogs". Intriguingly there's little evidence as to the origin of the phrase: The most likely, is that in the filthy streets of C17th and 18th England, heavy rain would occasionally carry along dead animals and other debris. Whether that phrase and notion could be applied to snowstorms or not-- answers on a postcard!

Tomasz told us it will feel frigid with this biting temperatures. If there's one cure for frigidity, it's watching (or listening on Radio 4 at 12:57 GMT!) to The Schaf {ii}

Thankfully my corner of Notts has seen only light snowfall, no more than inch accumulated-- main roads are clear too. Temperatures are still low by day, barely nudging 0 degrees, dropped to -5C last night! Of course people reading this in Canada, Finland, Russia, Tibet, Alaska, Iceland (lucky you, with your geothermal heating) and Norway-- you'll be thinking it's "positively balmy"!

Thanks to Terratec, for the upload

{i} Behave
{ii} I should behave too.

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