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6 Nov 2010

Striking sight

As you may well be aware, BBC journalists have been on a National Union of Journalists strike, so BBC News's output has been limited today. This means we have got to see more of an ever-striking sight, His Loveliness.

I was certainly struck by the following piece of phraseology (thanks to Dom Robinson for this)...

Tomasz talking of "not having a decent blow this autumn". I'm sure there would be no shortage of volunteers.


Later on the News Channel, a half-hour programme about the sweet Stuart Broad, cricketer extraordinaire. Even Broady cannot out-cute The Schaf, especially with Tomasz's jazzy tie today. "Boy-o-boy" indeed...

Ta to Terratec for that one^

I liked the concerned smile about Monday's weather. Country Tracks tomorrow, eyes peeled between 11:45 and 12:00 on BBC1! I wonder what casuals he will be treating us with tomorrow? Let's hope his graphics behave this time...

PS: He was also on the Today Programme at 00:57:32

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