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31 Dec 2010

All the best for 2011

Tomasz has a little message for us on Facebook:

Happy New Year 2011 to Everyone! (I shall see in the New Year in London)

I would also like to thank everyone for reading in 2011, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading it 2011. Let's hope that the coming year brings all Tomasz wishes for. And the same for everyone reading.


  1. # It's all so quiet ssh ssh. It's all so still ssh ssh # as the song goes ;)

  2. It is indeed, he was due to be forecasting this week, but he has been sadly absent-- both from the screen and the Net.

    It's his birthday tomorrow, so I'll post something then. Something original, such as "happy birthday"!

    Funny you should allude to that song by Bjork, I happen to have a photo of His Loveliness singing that at karaoke!